Non-Toothed T-Bolt

OEM Factory, Customization based on your designs.
Materials include carbon steel and stainless steel for your choice.
Surface treatments (except for stainless steel) include:
Hot-dip galvanizing (average zinc layer thickness >45μm), suitable for corrosive environments.
  • Product Description

    Daring T-bolts are mainly used for curtain walls and rail pre-embedded channels. They are installed by one-way rotation and are available in toothed and non-toothed types, with materials including 8.8-grade carbon steel or 304/316 stainless steel. Daring T-bolts have obtained certifications such as 120-minute fire resistance, 2 million fatigue resistance, and neutral salt spray test.

  • Specifications
    TypeLength(mm)Tensile strength(KN)Shear force(KN)Bending moment(NM)

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