About us

About us

Shanghai Daring Architectural Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Daring Architectural Technology Co., Ltd. has been established in Shanghai since 2004, with 19 years of experience, and is mainly engaged in the production of building anchors, foundation bolts, and pre-embedded channels. Over the years, we have focused on the domestic market for building anchor systems and have become a well-known brand in the industry, protected by key trademark protection in Shanghai's Jiading District. Our mission is to provide professional, environmentally friendly, and technological building products, and we serve global customers by providing high-quality building products. Daring is a technology enterprise in China's building materials system that is known for its innovation and pursuit of high product performance, producing many innovative products. We have a significant presence in core markets such as high-end buildings, commercial buildings, railways, curtain walls, bridges, tunnels, industry, nuclear power projects, marine energy projects, and so on. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to customers in multiple countries and regions around the world.

  • 2004 Year
    Time of establishment
  • 100 Type+
    Company product categories
  • 10000 ㎡
    Factory floor area
  • 200 Area+
    Product application field

Our business

Our products are sold to more than 40 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, and other regions, such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, and the United States.

Company Concept

Committed to being a well-known brand that provides one-stop solutions for building anchor systems with high-quality products, competitive prices, and timely service.

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