Quality Assurance Policy

National Warranty Policy and Restrictions

Daring's products are divided into engineering products and tools. Among them, back bolts, anchor bolts, etc. belong to engineering products, while back bolt punching machines, back bolt drill bits, etc. belong to engineering tools. The warranty methods for engineering products and tools are different. Engineering tools will be accompanied by a related warranty period, while each batch of engineering products issued by Daring will be accompanied by a corresponding quantity of product quality guarantee certificates to ensure that the products are all produced by Daring. Due to different product types and processes, different products have different warranty periods. Daring promises that all products sold can meet or exceed the specific service life under the national standards in a certain environment.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

Damages caused by improper installation, maintenance, and storage by the purchaser;

Damages caused by irresistible natural disasters;

Processed products or products that have exceeded the warranty period.

When encountering more complex problems, you can contact Daring Company to provide specific solutions.

Return and Exchange Policy

I. Return and Exchange Conditions

Return or exchange will be given under the following conditions:

The product does not match the details of the delivery note during acceptance;

Non-human quality problems are found during acceptance;

Non-human quality problems are found during use;

Due to reasons of the purchaser, a discount return will be given based on the product quantity as long as it does not affect secondary sales.

II. Return and Exchange Procedure

Return and exchange application – successful application – customer sends the product – our company inspects the product – if it meets the return and exchange policy, return or exchange will be given.

III. Return and Exchange Address:

Please confirm the address for returning goods with the original salesperson to avoid affecting your return and exchange.

Address: No. 1599 Siyi Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Recipient: Shanghai Daring Warehouse

Contact number: 021-66395341

Friendly Reminder

If there are relevant special offers, when returning the goods, if the conditions for the special offers are not met, the special offers need to be returned together. If the special offers have been used, only exchange without refund for the ordered products will be given.

When returning the goods, the invoice (except for those that have not been issued) and the original signed receipt details should be returned together.

If the first three conditions for return and exchange are met, the full logistics costs incurred for the return and exchange will be borne by our company. If the fourth condition is met, the full logistics costs incurred for the return will be borne by the purchaser.

IV. Return and Exchange Execution Deadline

When a return or exchange is needed, the specific pickup and replenishment dates will be agreed upon by the customer service and the purchaser.

V. Refund Policy

When a refund is needed, we will refund the amount to the original transaction account within 14 working days.

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