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Shanghai Daring Architectural Technology Co., Ltd. has been established in Shanghai since 2004, with 19 years of experience, and is mainly engaged in the production of building anchors, foundation bolts, and pre-embedded channels. Over the years, we have focused on the domestic market for building anchor systems and have become a well-known brand in the industry, protected by key trademark protection in Shanghai's Jiading District. Our mission is to provide professional, environmentally friendly, and technological building products, and we serve global customers by providing high-quality building products. Daring is a technology enterprise in China's building materials system that is known for its innovation and pursuit of high product performance...

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Why Choose Us?19 years of industry experience, a professional team with decades of industry research and development experience.
  • With 19 years of industry experience
    Daring is a technology-oriented enterprise in China's high-end building materials system, known for its innovative and excellent product performance, and has produced numerous innovative products. It occupies an important position in core markets such as high-end construction, commercial buildings, rail transit, curtain walls, bridges, tunnels, industry, nuclear power engineering, and marine energy engineering. Daring provides high-quality products and services to customers in multiple countries and regions around the world. With more than 1,000 iconic projects completed domestically and internationally, Daring produces over 50 million sets of products annually, and provides 24-hour dedicated service with quality far exceeding industry standards. It is a top Chinese brand that has cooperated with hundreds of well-known enterprises and has over 10 years of experience.
  • Our honor and strength
    The company has multiple export qualifications (qualified enterprise), ISO9001, multiple patented technologies, and SG certificates to ensure product quality. Anchor bolt products have not only obtained patent technology certification but also have been designated products recognized by many well-known companies and projects, winning numerous awards.
  • Professional customization of high-quality products.
    Our products are strictly tested according to international standards and certified by industry quality control institutions (customized production enterprises for fasteners). The product quality reaches the level of imported brand products and adopts the same processing technology as imported brand products such as Baosteel and Ma Steel. The load-bearing capacity level has exceeded that of imported brand products. We have strict control over the quality of raw materials, standardized production, and full-process quality supervision.
  • Full-service for more reliable cooperation
    Comprehensive services provide more peace of mind and worry-free after-sales service (one-to-one after-sales consultation). 12 professional customer service personnel are available 24 hours a day to solve all issues related to order processing. Pre-sales: 7*24-hour technical team is available online to respond to demands in a timely manner; In-sales: Regular products are shipped on the same day, and customized products are shipped within 7 days;
    After-sales: Unconditional technical guidance and support; If there is any quality problem, we provide free after-sales maintenance service to help you without worries.

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We have our own factory and technical experts. While ensuring the delivery time, we continuously upgrade the process and technology to provide a simple and efficient method for the field of industrial hydraulic testing systems.
Professional team Strict quality testing process Highly competitive cost-effectiveness Timely delivery One-on-one service


Meeting the needs of different industries

Daring cherishes every customer and looks forward to working with you.

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Committed to being a well-known brand that provides one-stop solutions for building anchor systems with high-quality products, competitive prices, and timely service.

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