Remote technical guidance

On site services

To the construction unit:

Prior to procurement, Daring has already conducted technical exchange meetings with the construction unit to introduce the corresponding anchoring products and system solutions. Daring also conducts pull-out experiments of the corresponding anchoring products through video conferences to verify their performance.

Before construction, Daring will provide the construction team with drawing disclosures, installation videos of certain products, and remote demonstration installation services to ensure that the installation effect by on-site construction personnel meets the expectations. Additionally, considering that re-drilling is frequent during on-site construction (due to potential contact with reinforcing bars), Daring will provide corresponding re-drilling specifications and offer inspection tools and their usage to check the suitability of drilling or installation (for instance, when installing anchor bolts, hole testers and probes will be provided).

Should the construction team encounter any technical issues during the construction process, they can directly contact Daring to obtain relevant assistance. If immediate resolution is not achievable over the phone, they can request on-site assistance from Daring engineers to ensure the uninterrupted progress of the project.

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