Slot Embedded Channel

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The chosen material is Q345 hot-rolled channel steel(or stainless steel), with surface hot-dip galvanizing (average zinc layer thickness >45μm), suitable for corrosive environments.
  • Product Description

    The embedded channel, also known as the slotted embedded part, is embedded in the concrete during pouring, which saves the trouble of post-anchor installation and has better stress effect. The material of the embedded channel produced by Daring is Q345 steel or 304/316 stainless steel. The embedded channel is a pre-installed installation that does not require on-site drilling, does not damage the concrete steel bars, and can effectively avoid safety hazards of post-installed anchors.

  • Specifications
    TypeThickness of channel(mm)Height of channel(mm)Minimum embedment depth(mm)Opening of the steel trough(mm)Minimum edge distance(mm)
    DCM-50/25 DCH-50/255025942375
    DCM-50/30 DCH-50305030952375
    DCM-50/34 DCH-50/34523415523100

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