Epoxy anchoring adhesive

The epoxy-type injection anchoring adhesive is a two-component high-strength hybrid modified epoxy resin mortar, which is used in combination with a special anchoring adhesive and mixer.
  • Product Description

    DL-200E modified epoxy injection anchoring adhesive from Daring is mainly used for anchoring of structural members. It has the characteristics of non-crystallization and no adhesive leakage, and its chemical properties meet the national A-level adhesive standard. Dali's chemical anchor bolts and conical chemical anchor bolts mainly use this type of injection anchoring adhesive for fixation.

  • Specifications
    Substrate temperature(℃)Initial setting time(min)Curing time (Day)
    -5℃ — 0℃1207
    0℃ — 10℃606
    10℃ — 25℃404
    25℃ — 40℃202

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