Board-type groove embedment

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The chosen material is Q345 hot-rolled channel steel(or stainless steel), with surface hot-dip galvanizing (average zinc layer thickness >45μm), suitable for corrosive environments.
  • Product Description

    Board-type groove embedment is a versatile architectural fastening component suitable for various scenarios and applications. It features easy installation, stability, and reliability, providing a solid foundation support for various equipment and components. The design of Board-type groove embedment is flexible, allowing for easy adjustment and replacement. Additionally, it can be concealed within the structure, enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance. It finds extensive applications in construction and decorative projects, offering a reliable and efficient solution for various fixing needs.

  • Specifications

    This product is a custom-made product, and due to the different requirements of various application scenarios, the appearance and product parameters require professional engineering design drawings. If you have any specific requirements, please contact us promptly.

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