Shenzhen International Finance Centre

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Shenzhen Bay No.1, also known as Shenzhen International Finance Centre, is a high-end urban complex located in the Hohai district of Shenzhen, China. Situated on the northwest side of the intersection of Dongbin Road and Keyuan Avenue in the Hohai Central Business District, it is adjacent to the Inner Lake of Shenzhen Bay and serves as the first project visible from the southern side of the Shenzhen Bay Port.

Shenzhen Bay No.1 integrates office spaces, residential units, hotels, and commercial facilities. It has a total floor area of 358,000 square meters, with building heights ranging from 70 meters to 338 meters. The development aims to become a landmark architectural ensemble in the Hohai area, injecting a modern and high-quality urban atmosphere.

Surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings, Shenzhen Bay No.1 benefits from abundant ecological resources and diverse recreational amenities. It is closely connected to various functional zones, serving as a gateway for the western corridor between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The transportation network is well-developed, including major thoroughfares, Shenzhen Metro Line 2, and other public transportation options, providing convenient access for residents and visitors.

The completion of Shenzhen Bay No.1 will contribute a unique urban landmark to the city of Shenzhen, embodying modern development concepts and lifestyles. It not only offers high-quality office spaces but also provides comfortable living environments and convenient commercial facilities for residents. It plays a significant role in the urban development of Shenzhen.

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