Double expanding anchor

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Materials include carbon steel and stainless steel for your choice. Surface treatments (except for stainless steel) include:
Cold galvanizing (average zinc layer thickness >5μm), suitable for ordinary environments.
Hot-dip galvanizing (average zinc layer thickness >45μm), suitable for corrosive environments.
  • Product Description

    Double expansion anchor bolt is a mechanical anchoring device mainly used for anchoring in substrates such as concrete and rock, which can withstand large tensile and shear forces. Its structure consists of anchor rod, expansion joint, and double-joint part, among which the double-joint part can expand by itself in the substrate, increasing the frictional force between the anchoring device and the substrate, thereby improving the anchoring performance.

  • Specifications
    TypeDrilling diameter(mm)Effective embedment depth(mm)Drilling depth(mm)Anchor length(mm)

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