Undercut Drilling Bit

Welding-type drill bits can be used for drilling anchor holes in dry-hanging panels, mostly made of stone. There are two types of welding-type drill bits: rotary-type anchor drill bits and impact-type anchor drill bits. Each type of drill bit is available in multiple specifications, corresponding to the anchor models. Additionally, welding-type drill bits need to be used with the corresponding drilling machines and are not compatible with electroplated drill bit machines.
  • Product Description

    Daring diamond drill bits are made from diamond material and sintered using nanotechnology. The optimized combination of increased drilling capacity and larger hole expansion with a smaller diameter effectively shortens drilling time and prolongs the lifespan of the tools. They are suitable for Daring-A portable perforators and Daring-C desktop perforators.

  • Specifications
    UsageDrill TypeDrilling diameter(mm)Drilling depth(mm)
    Undercut IIM77.37-15.5
    Undercut IIM99.315-18.5
    Undercut IM1111.315-25.5
    Undercut IM1313.315-25.5

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